Why Are My Eyebrows So Thin?

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October 3, 2017
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October 7, 2017
Why Are My Eyebrows So Thin

At Cosmetic Surgery Studio, we don’t only provide hair transplantation services, but also eyebrow transplantation. If you have thin or no eyebrows then this is the best-recommended procedure for you. Usually, people ask why their eyebrows are so thin. Read on to know more about it and the solution!

When the discussion about hair loss is done then usually people consider hair on their scalp, but they forget their eyelashes, eyebrows, mustache, and beard. This is the fact that a wide range of people is dealing with hair loss from eyebrows.

Reasons Of Eyebrow Hair Loss

  • Medical Condition

The poor medical condition is one of the basic reasons for eyebrow hair loss. Different medical conditions may cause hair loss from your scalp as well as eyebrows. Cancer is one of the diseases that can lead you towards excessive and rapid hair loss. Chemotherapy is a treatment for cancer that reveals its side-effects in the form of hair fall. Other than that, hypothyroidism is another medical condition that leads to such condition.

  • Poor Diet

You need to take healthy diet as poor diet is a reason to lose your hair. Iron deficiency is an example. You should include protein, vitamins, and iron-induced ingredients in your diet.

  • Over-plucking

Over-plucking is another reason for the thinning of your eyebrows. According to current fashion, people are getting fuller and thick eyebrows. However, some years ago, people tend to have thin eyebrows that may cause over-plucking in women. When you pluck the same area continuously then it weakens the hair follicles. This damage results as a hair thinning at that specific area.


Thin eyebrows are common, but now we are offering our amazing and expert services for serving you. Here, at Cosmetic Surgery Studio, we are providing eyebrow hair transplant in Islamabad so that you can get your desired results on a permanent basis. Most importantly, the treatment that we are providing doesn’t contain side-effects.

Stem Cell FUE eyebrow transplant

Stem Cell FUE treatment is perfect for you if you want to regrow your natural hair on eyebrow area. Our expert team has the expertise to perform transplantation of hair that ranges from scalp to other essential parts of the body. Even if you don’t have any hair on your eyebrows then we will make it for you. Also, if you just want to increase the thickness of your eyebrows. Natural and your own hair are used to perform the procedure. We are providing most advanced treatment to serve you. Our main aim is to serve our customers with best treatments.

Schedule A FREE Consultation

If you want to get benefit from the best eyebrow hair transplant in Islamabad then we have made it very easy for you. Simply fill the following form or contact us at 0348-1114040 and we will get back to you in the short period of time. You will get our consultation for FREE of cost. This consultation will be in one-to-one session.

During this consultation, you will get the chance to discuss your queries with the concerned person and get rid of all your fears. It is important to get the consultation of an expert before getting this treatment. The sole purpose of providing this consultation free is to provide you a chance to clear your views, and then go for a procedure with full satisfaction. What are you waiting for?? Just go ahead, fill the form or dial our number, and get benefit from our expert services.