Privacy Policy

Here, at Cosmetic Surgery Studio, our main goal is to keep our visitors happy. For this purpose, we need to keep our privacy policy updated. We are writing this piece of writing to let you know details about all aspects of personal information that is gathered and recorded by us. Most importantly, we want to describe how we use your collected information. The development of this policy is to offer respect to our prospective customers’ rights of privacy. This documentation reveals our strong bond of trust with prospective consumers.

If you have any other query that you want to clarify regarding our privacy policy then email us at for this purpose.

Information Collection and Use Of This Information

We collect specific information about our visitors, customers, and subscribers. After that, this information is utilized to enhance our customer experience.

Visitor’s Log makes use of log files. These files are used to keep visitors connected to the site. Moreover, it is a standard procedure of almost all of the hosting companies. The information that is included in the log files includes browser type, IP (internal protocol) addresses, time and date, exit page, referring page, ISP (internet service provider) and the number of clicks that are made by the user in one visit. This information is essential to collect as it helps in tracking visitors and their movement. In addition to it, the gathered information helps in analyzing users’ activity on the site. Moreover, it aids in gathering demographic information, for example, IP addresses and related information that doesn’t contain any personal information about the visit.


Precautionary measures are taken in order to protect gathered information specifically when users tend to provide some sensitive information on this website. It is our responsibility to keep your information safe in both offline and online mediums. We encrypt sensitive information and transmit it to a secure way. “Https” in the begging of the URL address is a symbol of your protection.

E-mail, Registrations, and Newsletters

If we demand our users to subscribe to our e-mail newsletters, then we demand just their contact information include name, e-mail, and phone number. We make use of this information for completing your registration procedure and for contacting you back regarding your queries. Moreover, you can unsubscribe our newsletters anytime. You need to use instructions that are provided at the end of every email. There’s the restriction to not share this information with any third party agent.

User Interaction

We are providing the services of user interaction that include posting feedback. Most importantly we have a consultation form to make our user experience better. Here, clients can easily submit their query by providing some essential information. The provided information is forwarded to our agents for ideal response to our customers. In addition to it, we keep your emails and other information for making our administration better. We are working with the aim to provide the best experience and outstanding services to our customers. You can review our company and it will go public.

Chat Experience

A welcome message is sent to all new customers whenever they visit our website. This is to ensure that we are always here to serve you and keep in touch with our customers. Communication is the key to make your customer easy and we take care of it. However, our conversation with the customers may be based on the requested query. Furthermore, we make it possible for our customers to get the required information about the company, its services, and special offers. Customers can also disable this activity by granting permission if they don’t need such information.

The Permissions

We grant permissions to our users so that they can decide if they need certain information or not. They have this right to share this information with the third party or not. Hence, if sharing is for marketing. Our users can contact us at for further information.


You hereby to agree to the terms and conditions of our website by using it.