Hair Transplant

What is hair transplant?
Hair transplant is a treatment that involves relocating the baldness resisting hair from the donor area, to the bald areas. This procedure is also applicable for facial hair loss like eyebrows, beard, mustache etc. This procedure works as a lifetime benefit at one-time investment, with natural-looking results.
How many grafts are required?
The number of grafts required for this treatment depends upon the density of your baldness, and the availability of your donor area. The healthier the donor site, it can be used for best results. The final count of grafts can be accessed in your consultation session, where the expert examines your scalp situation and plan the treatment accordingly. That is why the consultation session is preferred. In FUE treatment grafts are in the form of follicular units, while in FUT, the grafts are in the form of strips.
What is the cost of hair transplant?
The cost depends upon the number of grafts you require, the technique used, the expertise of the surgeon and his fees, and the intensity of your baldness. The exact cost can be known after detail examination by an expert in a consultation session.
Is hair transplant painful?
In Cosmetic Surgery Studio, the hair transplant is near to painless procedure because the local anesthesia is given to the patient. It numbs the treatment area, so that, the patient cannot feel pain while in full consciousness. Other than that, the saline technique swells the donor area for treatment time, it keeps the treatment site away from any pricking effect.
When will my new hair grow?
After the hair transplant, the growth starts after the healing process. The healing process is different for every technique, but generally, it takes about 2 months, with proper following the post-op care instruction by your surgeon. There is mostly no scars involved to the treated area because of the latest techniques we use. The scars left at the donor site are undetectable and heal within weeks.
What is the Post-op care?
The post-op care is important guidelines you have to follow after the hair transplant. These are given by your doctor or surgeon according to the nature of your treatment. The guidelines basically include some precautions and handling tactics of your treated area. It is necessary to keep the new grafts from harm because the initial days after the treatment are crucial for obtaining best results. The new grafts are sensitive and need firm sustenance.
What is the recovery time of these treatments?
The recovery time differs for every technique. Generally, it’s almost 2 weeks’ time for hair transplant’s surgical techniques. While the non-surgical techniques have recovery time of few days. The recovery time also depends on the severity of your condition, technique and how much you followed the post-op instructions.
How you do follow-ups?
Keeping in view the importance of client’s satisfaction, the follow-ups are the major priority of Cosmetic Surgery Studio, besides the quality treatment. After the treatment is booked, we remind our clients of the day of actual treatment. If there are more than one sessions involved, the client is reminded, prior to the session. After the completion of treatment, follow-up is done for a regular checkup to go through the results, and resolve any rare ambiguity or problem at the end of our clients. Also, the client can call us himself if there is any confusion regarding recovery or results.
I want consult the experts, how to do it?
Book your FREE consultation easily by forms given on the website. You can also call us or WhatsApp at 0348 111 4040 OR avail our services on Facebook, Twitter, and other social. The consultation session gives you a benefit to get your baldness analyzed by the experts who can easily access solution and the required treatment accordingly. Also, you can get information about the cost too.

Are you living in the heart of Pakistan and planning to get rid of bald spots on your head? The cosmetic surgery studio is proud to offer the latest hair transplant techniques in Islamabad, which has never been introduced earlier. The hair transplant is performed by foreign professionals with special expertise and ensure best performance and 100% guaranteed results. The procedure includes relocation of healthy hair grafts from donor area to the baldness or hair thinning areas. The transplanted grafts grow as normal hair. It is the only solution best for permanent hair restoration. There are different techniques at cosmetic surgery studio that are used to perform this procedure.

FUT Method

One of the traditional and most time-tested techniques of hair transplant is FUT. The full form is a follicular unit transplant, also known as Strip method. This technique is known to be the foundation of hair transplantation. This technique includes extraction of linear stripes of healthier grafts from the donor area. These strips are dissected into desired sizes under a special microscope to form individual grafts, then these grafts are implanted to the bald area. This whole process is done under the best expertise of our experienced professional team. Read More.

FUE Method

The innovation in the modern hair transplant is FUE, stands for follicular unit extraction. It is the most sophisticated form of hair transplant surgery and also known to be less invasive as compared to other techniques. In this technique, the healthy follicles are extracted, from the donor area using the specially designed tool. These follicles are implanted to the affected area. A team of professionals with special skills performs this technique. Another plus side of this technique is that there is no visible scarring after the treatment. Read More.

Hair Loss

Hair loss is a widespread phenomenon nowadays. Some common causes behind it are increasing pollution, nutritional deficiencies, certain health concerns or genetics. People who suffer from hair loss tend to lose their confidence and self-esteem. Men and women mostly suffer from pattern baldness, Alopecia or hair thinning. Everyone wants good hair, and it can only be achieved if you have a healthy scalp. As people are searching for ways to overcome this issue, science is busy to come up with a new solution, such as hair transplant. Read More.

PRP Therapy

The advancements in hair restoration treatments lead to the non-surgical techniques like the PRP, which stands for the platelet rich plasma. Although blood is just a distinct fluid, it contains several useful cells called platelets that are responsible for healing in our body. This new technique uses some amount of your blood and extracts the platelets via centrifuge. This plasma is then injected into the scalp with injections and the platelets heal the follicles. A natural and non-invasive solution to boost healthy follicles and hair growth. Read More.


This nonsurgical treatment works by injecting required medications or essential vitamins into the mesoderm layer of tissues under the skin with the help of meso gun. The medications to be injected are FDA approved and given according to the given condition of the scalp. Mesotherapy is effective for hair loss caused due to the DHT hormone imbalance, poor blood circulation under the scalp and essential nutrients deficiency for healthier hair growth. This technique gives new life to the scalp by stimulating the follicles that are not producing hair. Read More.

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