Cosmetic Surgery

What is cosmetic surgery, and what are the treatment options?
Cosmetic surgery is the treatment to change, restore or enhance your appearance. The main reason behind adopting this treatment is to enhance your looks, or, restore the defaming of your physical appearance. There are many options available depending on your requirement, such as fat reduction, neck lift, nose restoring or lips enhancing etc. Consulting the expert can help you choose the best option that fits your needs.
Is cosmetic surgery safe? IS it worth giving results I expect?
This treatment is solely the work of our team of experts, who have certain skills and certification to perform these procedures. So, there is no stone unturned to keep its safe. It’s upon you to make sure that this treatment is what you really want for yourself. If you are content with your appearance, then stay that way. The decision is all upon your wish and requirement because the results are permanent.
How much does cosmetic surgery treatments cost?
The cost depends upon your requirements, the treatment your surgeons chose for you, and the intensity of the problem you need to fix. The exact cost can be known after detail examination by an expert in a consultation session.
What is the Post-op care?
The significant guidelines you have to follow after the cosmetic surgery are given by your doctor according to the treatment. These guidelines include some precautions measures to keep the treated area safe from any problem, so that it may not affect the good results of this treatment. These instructions are must for you to follow.
What is the recovery time?
The recovery time is different for every treatment. Generally, its maximum 4 or fewer weeks for cosmetic surgery. Above all, the recovery time also depends on the severity of your condition, treatment chosen and regularly following the post-op instructions. These type of treatments demand best post op care, in order to achieve required results.
How the follow-ups are done?
Cosmetic Surgery Studio keeps follow-ups at its priority, along with the quality of treatment. Before the treatment, we confirm our client’s availability for consultation. After the treatment is booked, the client is reminded for the treatment day, and these days are adjustable according to client’s requirements. After the treatment, followup is done for a regular check up of our client to analyze the recovery process and results.
How to consult the experts?
Book your FREE consultation with our experts by filling the consultation forms given on the website OR call /WhatsApp at 0348 111 4040. Also, we have services on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media. The consultation session is important to get the necessary know how of the treatment and know the overall cost factor of the treatment.

A cosmetic surgery is the best procedure that is performed to improve the facial features enhancing them for adding the best to existing features. It also include enhancing the body silhouettes to achieve younger look. Following treatments are provided under the umbrella of Cosmetic Surgery Studio.


The liposuction is a type of cosmetic surgery that is used to suck the extra fat from the body. Usually, this technique is used for thighs, abdomen, buttock, chin, calves, and backs to remove the excess fats. An instrument called cannula is inserted under the skin that extracts the excess fat with a high-pressure vacuum. This treatment is a purely cosmetic with subtle effects and performed under general anesthesia. Read More.


The facelift surgery has a clinical name of rhytidectomy and is used to reduce the facial wrinkles.  A perfect treatment to hide the lines of aging and improving overall facial appearance. In this procedure, the underlying muscles of the face are lifted and tightened aesthetically to rejuvenate the structure of the face. The excess fats are removed to weigh down the effects of agedness on the face. Read More.


The Botox is used for cosmetically remove wrinkles by temporarily freezing certain muscular conditions. It is racially a drug made from neurotoxin that is injected into the required area in very small concentrations. It works by preventing signals from the nerve cells reaching muscles and leave them at rest. It is the most adopted cosmetic surgery treatment in the world. Usually used to treat conditions like eye squint, excess sweating or facial lift. Read More.


The fillers are special injections that have cosmetic purposes in many treatments. It is used for the treatment to smooth wrinkles or scars on the facial skin usually. The injections under the skin puff up the area and this usually goes away over the time. Usually, works for facial skin or lips puffing. It is done under anesthesia and completed in repeated sessions. Read More.


It is the reshaping surgery used for reshaping the nose. Usually used for adjusting the nose angle according to the upper lip or making the shape smaller or larger. This treatment is done under local anesthesia. The bones are accessed by making incisions that support the nose. As per requirement tissue adjustment may be done to restructure the nose. A splint is placed outside to support the new structure. 1- Night stay at the hospital is needed for proper post op care and recovery purposes. Read More.

Tummy Tuck

This cosmetic surgery is adapted to flatten the abdomen by removing extra fat and also tightening the muscles in the abdominal wall to provide optimum shape. It is suitable for both men and women who are in good health. It is also an option for men and women who still have residues of obesity around the belly. It’s not an alternative to weight loss. Read More.

Our Doctors

Dr. Gokhan Ozerdem

Cosmetic & Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Gokhan, a famous name in the field of aesthetic treatments and plastic surgery, is working with the aim of providing outstanding results. He is an expert surgeon who knows how to deal with different patients on their individual basis to provide best results.

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Dr. Irum

Laser & Skincare Expert

Dr. Irum is one of the most experienced dermatologists, having extensive knowledge and expertise in skin care, aesthetics and laser procedures. She joins our laser and skin care section to provide appropriate diagnostic services and excellent treatments for various skin problems.

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Dr. Omer Refik Ozerdem

Specialist Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Omer Ozerdem is a big name in the world of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. He is the Associate Professor of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and specialist plastic surgeon with proficiency in reconstruction and aesthetic surgery. Dr. Omer believes to provide high-quality treatment.

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