6 Common Myths about Laser Hair Removal

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6 Common Myths about Laser Hair Removal

Women have been in the search of a painless method through which they can get rid of the unwanted hair for many ages. They tried various methods for this purpose that ranges from razors to waxing and plucking, but no procedure could be proved as a procedure that can fulfill their requirement permanently. If you are a person, who is using these traditional ways, but you aren’t happy with results then here is a good news for you. The advancements in technology have brought a treatment procedure for you that is named as laser hair removal. A survey has been conducted recently and the results reveal this procedure as one of the most used procedures for hair removing in all over the world.

In spite of its increasing popularity, the procedure contains several myths. Read on to know more about these myths and find out the reality.

Myth 1: Laser Hair Removal Is Uncomfortable Procedure

Fact: This procedure isn’t uncomfortable at all. It depends on which area of the body you are going to get this procedure. You may get almost 30-40 pricks in one session. The sensation of the laser that you feel on the targeted area is associated with the darkness and thickness of your hair. However, the topical numbing cream is applied on the specific area if you feel unbearable pain.

Myth 2: The Procedure of Laser Hair Removal Takes A Long Time

Fact: This isn’t true at all as the procedure just takes almost 20 minutes. Even in the first session, you may have a hair area but still, 20 minutes are enough. Hence, you can get back to your routine work right after getting the treatment.

Myth 3: Hair Grow Back After the Treatment

Fact: No doubt, you need to get multiple sessions of the treatment to get effective results. Though, almost 90% hair are removed after getting 5-6 sessions. The results are permanent after getting multiple sessions. Well, you need to know the fact the laser doesn’t hit white hair due to the lack of pigmentation in them.

Myth 4: You May Develop Scars

Fact: You will not notice any issue on the surface of your skin after getting laser hair removal technique. However, it is necessary to follow instructions properly. Moreover, you need to let your practitioner know regarding your medical history.

Myth 5: Lasers Can Cause Skin Cancer

Fact: This myth is totally baseless. Laser method is approved by FDA and so it is a safe method. The procedure comes with no side-effect. Hence, some potential side-effects may occur include itching, redness, and swelling. These potential side-effects stay for just 2-3 days.

Myth 6: Laser Hair Removal is Too Expensive

Fact: The laser treatment isn’t expensive at all when you get it at Cosmetic Surgery Studio. We are providing this treatment at cost-effective rates. Laser hair removal in Pakistan is the best solution for your unwanted hair as it provides permanent results. Moreover, it also rejuvenates the targeted area to some extent. Without any doubt, the laser is the most economical technique among other related techniques.

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