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Cosmetic Surgery Studio is the one stop for the solution to all your problems related to cosmetics and aesthetic requirements. It is a place where you may find your desired treatment to meet your innovative style.

Currently, the company is providing its reliable and amazing services in the fields of cosmetic surgery, hair transplant, and laser skin care. Mr. Bilal Gillani is the founder of this company. All of the team members have full determination to provide you quality services. You will find Cosmetic Surgery Studio as a name of trust and quality. We are providing latest treatments by using advanced equipment. We can confidently say that it is the only stop where you can find the solution to all of your aesthetic problems. You will be surprised by noticing your potential of changing yourself when you get our treatment.

What We Offer?

We have a team of dedicated and talented members

who are always here to assist you. We care about quality, equipment, and procedures. We are active contributors to provide you the solution to your aesthetic problems. We have introduced the most advanced techniques of cosmetic surgery procedures in Pakistan, to help you improve your appearance from head to toe.

" I got my transplant done about a year back. I was half bald back then. The procedure took nearly the whole day and I had to take a few days off from work afterwards. Thankfully there was no noticeable scarring on the skin. "

Humz Yousaf

Our Doctors

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